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Erg Chegaga Desert Tour from Agadir (7 Days)

7 Days trip from Agadir to Taroudant, Taliouine, Zagora and Erg Chegaga


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Enjoy in Morocco! Embark on a captivating seven-day journey from Agadir to explore the rich cultural tapestry of Morocco. From the historic souks of Taroudant and the saffron fields of Taliouine to the Sahara’s mesmerizing Erg Chegaga Dunes, this adventure immerses you in Berber traditions, ancient kasbahs, and the serene beauty of palm groves. Engage in desert activities, enjoy evenings under the stars, and discover the cultural treasures of Tata before concluding the trip in Agadir with optional beachside relaxation. A blend of history, desert landscapes, and local encounters awaits on this unforgettable exploration.

Day 1: Agadir – Taroudant

Day starts with a captivating morning journey from Agadir to Taroudant. Firstly, explore the Grand Souk, renowned for its exquisite crafts and jewelry. Subsequently, wander through the ancient city walls and immerse yourself in the vibrant medina. Conclude the day with an overnight stay in a traditional riad.

Day 2: Taroudant – Taliouine – Tazenakht

Head towards Taliouine, Morocco’s saffron capital, and delve into the intricacies of saffron cultivation with a visit to the saffron fields. Additionally, proceed to Tazenakht, celebrated for its Berber carpets. Explore local cooperatives and relish the authentic hospitality of the Berber community. Moreover, enjoy an overnight stay in Tazenakht.

Day 3: Tazenakht – Zagora

Embark on a scenic journey to beautiful Zagora, often referred to as the “Gateway to the Sahara.” Furthermore, explore the Tamegroute library housing ancient manuscripts, engage in pottery workshops, and meander through palm groves and historical sites. Retreat for the night in a charming riad.

Day 4: Zagora – Tamegroute – Erg Chegaga

Commence your morning with a visit to Tamegroute’s underground kasbah. Roam through ancient streets and discover the art of green pottery. Depart for Erg Chegaga, traversing mesmerizing desert landscapes. Furthermore, arrive at Erg Chegaga Dunes for a breathtaking sunset, followed by a traditional Berber dinner and music under the stars. Enjoy a comfortable night in the desert camp.

Day 5: Erg Chegaga Dunes

Dedicate a full day to desert activities in Erg Chegaga, including camel trekking, sandboarding, and hiking on the dunes. Additionally, relax in the tranquil desert environment and experience an evening of Berber entertainment around the campfire. Spend another night in the desert camp.

Day 6: Erg Chegaga – Lake Iriqui – Tata

Transition from Erg Chegaga, passing by the vast Lake Iriqui. Continue to Tata, a town rich in history and culture. Furthermore, explore Tata’s ancient kasbah and nearby palm groves. Additionally, enjoy an evening at leisure, soaking in the local atmosphere. Finally, an overnight stay in Tata.

Day 7: Tata – Agadir

Commence the morning with an exploration of Tata’s market and local attractions. Additionally, drive back to Agadir, relishing scenic views. Arrive in Agadir for a relaxed afternoon, with an optional visit to the beach or market. Conclude your journey with a farewell dinner or departure based on your schedule. Ultimately, wrap up your journey.

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